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portlock alaska ghost town

Portlock, also known as Arrulaaik in the Sugpiaq language, is a ghost town located on the southern edge of the Kenai Peninsula in the U.​S. state of Alaska.​ Situated approximately 16 miles (26 km) south of Seldovia٫ this abandoned town is shrouded in mystery and haunting tales.​

Establishment and Abandonment

Portlock was established in the early 20th century as an active cannery community.​ Its name was derived from the nearby Port Chatham Bay, which also shares its eerie history. The town thrived on the production of canned salmon, and its inhabitants lived peacefully near the water.​

However, as time went on, Portlock experienced a series of strange and terrifying incidents, allegedly involving a Bigfoot-like creature known as the Nantiinaq. These encounters shook the community to its core, leading to the eventual abandonment of the town. The exact reasons for the town’s demise and the truth behind these tales remain a subject of speculation and folklore.

The Legend of the Nantiinaq

According to the stories told by the Suqpiaq people, the Nantiinaq was a fearsome creature that terrorized the inhabitants of Portlock. The creature was described as a Sasquatch-like beast, imposing and terrifying.​ Its presence caused widespread fear and forced the residents to flee the town in search of safety.​

Visiting Portlock Today

Today, Portlock stands as a haunting reminder of its once-thriving past.​ The town’s remains include some rusted cannery equipment, a mine tunnel, and a few crumbling houses.​ While the town may be abandoned, it is still considered a must-visit for those with a sense of adventure and curiosity about Alaska’s ghost towns.​

Access to Portlock is limited and can only be reached by boat or via a bush-plane beach landing. The isolation and eerie atmosphere of the town make it an attractive destination for thrill-seekers and those interested in the paranormal.​


Portlock, Alaska, is a ghost town with a chilling history.​ Its abandonment and the tales of the Nantiinaq have turned it into a place of mystery and intrigue.​ While the exact truth behind the town’s demise remains unknown, its haunting presence continues to captivate visitors who venture to this remote corner of the Kenai Peninsula.​