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sera gordo ghost town

The town of Cerro Gordo‚ situated in Californias Inyo Mountains‚ holds a rich history dating back to its founding in 1865.​ Translated as ″fat hill″ in Spanish‚ Cerro Gordo was once a prosperous boomtown known for its silver and lead mining operations.​ However‚ over time‚ the town dwindled and eventually became a ghost town.​

Cerro Gordo sits atop an elevation of 8‚000 feet‚ providing stunning views of the Owens Valley.​ For history enthusiasts and those intrigued by the early mining days of California‚ visiting Cerro Gordo is a captivating experience.​ It is important to note that tours of the town must be booked in advance‚ as it is private property.​

The Rise and Fall of Cerro Gordo

During its heyday‚ Cerro Gordo was a bustling mining town‚ though it was infamous for its violent nature‚ averaging a murder per week during its peak in the 19th century.​ The town thrived thanks to its silver and lead mining operations‚ attracting miners in search of fortunes deep in the desert near Death Valley.

However‚ as is often the case with mining towns‚ the resources eventually diminished‚ and the availability of natural water sources dried up.​ By 1938‚ Cerro Gordo officially became a ghost town‚ transforming from a shining gem in the Owens Valley into a barren wasteland.​

Exploring the Haunting Beauty

Today‚ Cerro Gordo remains an abandoned town‚ a relic of the Wild West.​ Its deserted streets and buildings offer a glimpse into the past‚ transporting visitors to a time when the town was alive with activity. The ghostly atmosphere and haunting beauty of Cerro Gordo have attracted the attention of explorers and paranormal enthusiasts alike.​

The abandoned Cerro Gordo Mines add to the allure of the town.​ These mines‚ located in the Inyo Mountains‚ operated from 1866 to 1957 and produced high-grade silver‚ lead‚ zinc ore‚ as well as occasional discoveries of gold and copper ore.​ The remnants of these mining operations stand as a testament to the town’s rich history and economic contribution to the region.​

A New Chapter for Cerro Gordo

In recent years‚ Cerro Gordo has found new caretakers who are passionate about preserving its history and sharing its story with the world.​ Brent Underwood‚ along with his business partners‚ purchased Cerro Gordo in 2018 with the aim of restoring the town and turning it into a tourist destination.​

Underwood’s vision for Cerro Gordo is to revive the old hotel and other buildings‚ breathing life into the once-thriving town.​ While the restoration project is still ongoing‚ the efforts have already sparked interest among adventurers and history enthusiasts‚ who are eager to witness the transformation of this ghost town.​

Plan Your Visit to Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo is located approximately 200 miles north of Los Angeles and 200 miles west of Las Vegas.​ The closest town‚ Lone Pine‚ is about 22 miles away and provides amenities such as hotels‚ restaurants‚ and stores.​

If you’re planning to visit Cerro Gordo‚ it is crucial to book a tour in advance to ensure access to the private property.​ Exploring the town will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of California’s early mining days and witness the haunting beauty that Cerro Gordo offers.

As you walk through the empty streets and explore the remnants of the past‚ you will be transported to a time when Cerro Gordo was a thriving community and bear witness to the enduring legacy of this once-vibrant ghost town.​