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Exploring the History and Charm of Shakespeare Ghost Town in New Mexico

Shakespeare Ghost Town is a historic site located in Hidalgo County, New Mexico.​ This ghost town was originally established in the 1850s and has a rich history that attracts tourists from all over.​ Today, it is part of a privately owned ranch that is open to visitors on certain occasions.

History of Shakespeare Ghost Town

Shakespeare Ghost Town has a fascinating history that dates back to the 1850s. Originally known as Mexican Springs, it served as a stop on the Butterfield Overland Stage route. In the late 1800s, it experienced a silver strike and grew into a bustling town with around 3,000 residents.​ However, the town eventually declined, and by the early 1900s, it had become a ghost town.​

Visiting Shakespeare Ghost Town

To visit Shakespeare Ghost Town, you can take NM Hwy 494 from Lordsburg and follow the signs to the town, which is about 2.​5 miles south and west of Lordsburg.​ The town is accessible by a dirt road that leads to a parking area just outside the ghost town.​ It is recommended to call ahead and check tour guide availability before planning your visit.​

Explore the Ghost Town

Once you arrive at Shakespeare Ghost Town, you can take a guided tour to explore the historic buildings and learn about the town’s past.​ The tours are usually available daily at 10am, 12pm, and 3pm (Mountain Time).​ The duration of the tour is approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the availability of the tour guide.​

Experience the Old West

Walking through the streets of Shakespeare Ghost Town is like stepping back in time to the Old West.​ Many notable figures, including Billy the Kid, John Ringo, and the Clantons, were known to have passed through this town.​ You can immerse yourself in the rich history of the area and learn about the life of the people who once called Shakespeare home.​

Preserving a Historic Site

Shakespeare Ghost Town was declared a National Historic Site in 1970.​ The Shakespeare Foundation continues to work towards preserving the town and its buildings as a monument to the Real Old West. You can support their efforts by visiting the ghost town and spreading awareness about its historical significance.​

Other Ghost Towns in New Mexico

New Mexico is known for its numerous ghost towns.​ If you’re interested in exploring more of these historic sites, you can also visit other ghost towns in the state, such as Cabezon, Lincoln, and Riley.​ Each of these towns has its own unique history and adds to the rich cultural heritage of New Mexico.​

Overall, Shakespeare Ghost Town in New Mexico offers a unique opportunity to experience the Wild West and witness the remnants of a once-booming town. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, a visit to Shakespeare Ghost Town is sure to be an unforgettable experience.​