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The Ghost Towns of Finland, MN

Finland, Minnesota, is home to several intriguing ghost towns that tell the story of its past.​ These abandoned towns hold a sense of mystery and offer a unique opportunity to explore the remnants of history.​ Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the forgotten places of the world, Finland’s ghost towns are worth a visit. In this article, we will guide you through these ghost towns and provide you with helpful information for your exploration.​

1.​ Huot⁚ Huot was once a thriving town with a grain elevator and a school that attracted residents.​ However, it couldn’t sustain its growth, and its post office closed in 1945. The railroad also stopped running through the town in 1973. Today, Huot stands as a reminder of a bygone era.​

2.​ Taconite Harbor⁚ Located near Schroeder, Taconite Harbor was a bustling community in the 1950s. It grew alongside Erie Mining, which processed taconite in the area. The town provided housing and facilities for the employees but eventually declined over time.​

3. London⁚ London is an abandoned ghost town located along an old road leading from Finland to Route 61 and the shores of Lake Superior. It is about 75 miles northeast of Duluth and holds remnants of its past along the quiet back road.​

4.​ Dorothy⁚ Established in 1898 with a post office, Dorothy was a railroad station that flourished during the expansion of the Northern Pacific Railway.​ Although the railroad was abandoned in the early 1970s, the church remained until it burned down in 2014.​

Exploring Finland’s Ghost Towns

When visiting Finland’s ghost towns, it’s important to keep in mind that these places are abandoned and may not have the usual amenities found in populated areas.​ Here are some tips for exploring these ghost towns⁚

  1. Plan ahead⁚ Research the history of each ghost town and understand the best way to access them.​ Some may require hiking or off-road vehicles.
  2. Be prepared⁚ Bring appropriate clothing, footwear, and supplies for your adventure; It’s essential to stay safe and comfortable during your exploration.​
  3. Respect the history⁚ Remember that these ghost towns were once vibrant communities.​ Show respect for the places and avoid damaging or removing any artifacts or structures.​
  4. Capture memories⁚ Take photographs or videos to document your experience and share the stories of these ghost towns with others.​ But remember to only capture images and leave everything else untouched.​
  5. Leave no trace⁚ As a responsible visitor, ensure that you leave the ghost towns exactly as you found them.​ Take your trash with you and leave nature and historical artifacts undisturbed.​


The ghost towns of Finland, MN, offer a fascinating glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to connect with the history and stories of these forgotten places. Exploring these ghost towns requires planning, respect for the environment, and a sense of adventure.​ Keep in mind the tips provided in this article to make your exploration safe and memorable.​ Embrace the opportunity to uncover the secrets of Finland’s ghost towns and let their stories transport you to a different time.​