The Eerie Tale of Centralia: The Burning Ghost Town

Located in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, Centralia is a ghost town like no other.​ What was once a bustling coal mining community has now become a place shrouded in mystery and eerie silence.​ The story of Centralia is intertwined with a devastating coal seam fire that has been burning underground since 1962, causing the town to be abandoned and condemned.​

In 1962٫ a seemingly harmless trash fire was ignited in a strip mine beneath Centralia.​ Little did the residents know that this fire would become an eternal inferno٫ causing the town to be consumed by flames which continue to burn to this day.​ Centralia has gained notoriety as one of the most infamous ghost towns on earth٫ although the term ″ghost town″ may not accurately describe the current state of Centralia٫ as a few residents still reside there.

The underground coal mine fire in Centralia has resulted in a multitude of bizarre and dangerous occurrences.​ Smoke rises from cracks in the roads, steam emerges from the ground, and dead vegetation surrounds the area.​ This otherworldly atmosphere has drawn comparisons to the popular horror film Silent Hill, although the film’s events are set in West Virginia, elements of it seem to directly reference Centralia.​

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