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The Abandoned Buildings of Cisco: A Haunting Reminder of a Once-Thriving Town

Cisco, a once-bustling town located near the Colorado border on a plain below the Book Cliffs, is now known for its abandoned buildings.​ Founded in the 1880s as a railroad fill station, the town experienced a decline in the early 20th century due to the demise of the steam locomotive.​ However, its economy suffered a major blow when Interstate 70 was built, bypassing Cisco, and leading to its eventual abandonment in the 1990s.​ Today, the town site contains many relics of a typical old west railroad town, including numerous abandoned buildings.​

The abandoned buildings in Cisco serve as a testament to its past glory and the challenges it faced.​ The structures that once housed businesses, homes, and other establishments now stand in various states of decay, reminding visitors of a bygone era.​

Exploring the ghost town of Cisco reveals a fascinating mix of architectural styles, with remnants of Victorian, Western, and industrial influences.​ From dilapidated storefronts and crumbling houses to abandoned industrial structures, each building tells a unique story of the town’s history and its downfall.

Photographers and filmmakers are often drawn to Cisco for its hauntingly beautiful scenery. The juxtaposition of decay and natural elements such as overgrown vegetation creates a captivating atmosphere that is both creepy and mesmerizing.​ The abandoned buildings provide a backdrop for artists to capture the essence of a forgotten era.​

While the buildings themselves may be in disrepair, they continue to hold cultural significance and intrigue.​ The remnants of Cisco’s past are a testament to the dreams, hopes, and struggles of the people who once inhabited the town.​ Exploring the abandoned buildings allows visitors to step back in time and imagine what life was like in its heyday.​

It’s important to note that Cisco is a ghost town and exploring the area should be done with caution.​ The structures are not maintained and may pose safety hazards.​ Visitors should respect the history and nature of the town, refraining from damaging or removing any artifacts.​

In recent years, Cisco has gained attention as a subject for documentaries and art projects.​ The town’s unique atmosphere and the stories it holds have captivated filmmakers and artists, shedding light on its haunting beauty and the impact of economic and infrastructure changes.​

Despite its abandonment, Cisco remains an interesting destination for history enthusiasts, photographers, and those seeking to explore the remnants of a once-thriving town.​ The abandoned buildings are a testament to the rise and fall of Cisco and serve as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of human settlements.