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metropolis nevada ghost town

Metropolis Ghost TownAre you looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-path destination?​ Look no further than Metropolis, a ghost town located in Elko County, Nevada.​ Unlike other ghost towns in the state that were once mining centers, Metropolis was actually intended to be the center of a huge farming district.​ Although it never achieved the grandeur it was envisioned to have, Metropolis still offers a rich history and plenty of intriguing sights to explore.​

A Brief History of Metropolis

Founded in 1910 by the Pacific Reclamation Company of New York, Metropolis was intended to be a showcase community of farms and a model city.​ Plans called for the cultivation of 40,000 acres of land, surrounded by a modern city with a population of 7,500.​ The town boasted graded streets, cement sidewalks, fire hydrants, and street lights.​ The Southern Pacific Railroad even built a spur to the town, complete with a large depot and a tree-shaded park.​

Unfortunately, Metropolis faced several challenges, including a legal water-rights battle with the nearby town of Lovelock and natural disasters like droughts and infestations of jackrabbits and Mormon crickets.​ These factors led to the town’s decline, and it was eventually shut down when the local post office closed in 1942.​

Exploring the Ghost Town

Although Metropolis is no longer inhabited, there are still remnants of its past that visitors can explore.​ The Hotel Metropolis and the Lincoln School are the only structures that remain standing.​ Both buildings showcase unique features and graffiti, providing a glimpse into the town’s former glory.

Visitors to Metropolis can also explore the schoolhouse, the cemetery, and the railroad tracks, which add to the eerie atmosphere of the ghost town.​ It’s important to note that while exploring, you should be cautious of rattlesnakes that may be present in the area.​

Getting to Metropolis

Metropolis is located twelve miles northwest of Wells, Nevada.​ To reach the ghost town, head west on 8th Street/N.​ Metropolis Rd.​ from Wells for six miles.​ Continue onto County Rd.​/Upper Metropolis Rd.​ for another fifteen miles.​ You will find the main graded road in the area, which will lead you to the various points of interest within the town.​


If you’re a history enthusiast or simply love exploring unique places, Metropolis is a ghost town that should be on your radar.​ Its rich history, intriguing structures, and eerie atmosphere make it a fascinating destination in Nevada.​ Just make sure to plan your visit carefully and be respectful of the town’s historical significance.​