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ghost town village theme park

Ghost Town Village is an abandoned Wild West-themed amusement park located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.​ Once a beloved attraction that provided visitors with a thrilling and immersive experience of the Old West, the park now stands as a ghostly reminder of its former glory.​

Originally known as Ghost Town in the Sky, the park was founded in 1961 by R.​B.​ Coburn.​ Situated atop Buck Mountain٫ it offered a unique experience as visitors had to ascend the mountain via a chair lift or an inclined funicular railway.​ The park’s stunning mountainous backdrop and authentic Western architecture made it a popular destination for families seeking an adventure in the Wild West.​

Ghost Town Village featured a range of attractions, including live-action shows, saloon dancers, and thrilling rides such as the famous Red Devil Roller Coaster.​ Visitors could explore the recreated Old West town, complete with shops, saloons, and gunfights, all set against the backdrop of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.​

However, in recent years, Ghost Town Village has faced numerous challenges.​ In 2002, a chairlift failure stranded passengers for over two hours, and declining visitor numbers due to the park’s deteriorating condition led to its closure in 2009.​ Since then, the park has had several attempted reopenings but has yet to fully recapture its former glory.

Currently, Ghost Town Village’s status remains uncertain.​ As of March 2024, the park is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit, further complicating its future.​ While efforts have been made to revive the park, including rebranding as Ghost Town Village and announcing plans to reopen in 2016, progress has been slow.​

Despite its current state, Ghost Town Village continues to hold a certain allure for visitors and locals alike.​ Its hauntingly beautiful setting on top of Buck Mountain and the memories of its vibrant past attract explorers and urban adventurers seeking to witness an eerie piece of history.​ The remains of the Wild West-themed structures against the backdrop of the North Carolina landscape serve as a testament to the fleeting nature of amusement parks and the nostalgia they can evoke.​

While the future of Ghost Town Village remains uncertain, the park’s story serves as a reminder of the rise and fall of attractions and the enduring intrigue of abandoned places. Whether it will be revitalized and once again provide thrills and entertainment or continue to exist as a ghost town, its legacy is etched into the history of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.​