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Exploring the Northern State Ghost Town in Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, the Northern State Ghost Town is a fascinating and historic destination that offers a glimpse into the past.​ Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this abandoned settlement has a rich history and is a popular spot for those interested in exploring ghost towns.


The Northern State Ghost Town was originally established as the Northern State Hospital in May of 1912. It was one of three mental hospitals in the state of Washington and served as a psychiatric institution until its closure in 1976.​ Over the years, the hospital had different names, including Northern State Hospital for the Insane and Northern State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.​

Exploring the Ghost Town

Today, the Northern State Ghost Town stands as a testament to its past.​ Spanning across acres of land, the ghost town is filled with remnants of the abandoned hospital and other structures that once served the community.​ From crumbling buildings to peaceful forest trails, there is much to explore and discover.​

The grounds of the Northern State Ghost Town offer a variety of paths for walking, jogging, or simply taking a leisurely stroll.​ As you wander through the town, you can imagine the history and stories that once filled the now deserted streets.​

Visiting Information

The Northern State Ghost Town is open to the public during park hours, which are from dawn to dusk.​ The area is pet-friendly, but all pets must be kept on a leash.​ It is important to note that alcohol regulations are strictly enforced, and overnight camping as well as paintball activities are not permitted;

To reach the Northern State Ghost Town, you can head north to Sedro-Woolley and just north of the Skagit River.​ The town is easily accessible and offers a unique and unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.​


The Northern State Ghost Town in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, provides an intriguing glimpse into a bygone era.​ With its historic hospital buildings, peaceful forest trails, and abandoned structures, this ghost town offers a unique opportunity to explore the past and appreciate the history that shaped the area.​ Whether you are fascinated by ghost towns, enjoy hiking, or simply want to immerse yourself in history, the Northern State Ghost Town is definitely worth a visit.​