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Exploring the History of Golden Ghost Town

Located in Josephine County‚ Oregon‚ Golden is an abandoned mining town with a rich history.​ Today‚ it stands as a ghost town‚ offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore the remaining remnants of this once-thriving community.​

Golden Ghost Town


Golden was established in the early 1840s when small placer mines were discovered near Coyote Creek.​ The discovery of gold attracted miners and settlers to the area‚ leading to the rapid growth of the town.​ At its peak‚ Golden was home to around 100 people and served as a hub for many others in the region.

Remains of Golden

Today‚ four buildings in Golden still stand as a testament to its past. These include a church‚ a former residence‚ a shed‚ and a structure that once housed a post office and store.​ These buildings are protected and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.​

Golden Community Church

Exploring Golden

Visitors to Golden can stroll through the historic buildings‚ imagining what life was like during the town’s heyday.​ The picturesque setting‚ with the scenic Coyote Creek and surrounding valley‚ adds to the charm and mystique of this ghost town.​

While there‚ one can also learn about the town’s history through interpretive panels and displays that provide insights into the mining industry and daily life in Golden.​ The site is maintained as a State Heritage Site‚ ensuring the preservation of its historical value for future generations to appreciate.​

Getting There

Golden Ghost Town is located near Wolf Creek‚ Southern Oregon‚ just off Interstate 5.​ It is easily accessible by car‚ making it a convenient stop for those traveling through the area.​

Whether you are a history enthusiast‚ a fan of ghost towns‚ or simply curious about the past‚ a visit to Golden Ghost Town is a memorable experience.​ Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the intriguing history of this once-thriving mining town.