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Exploring the Ghost Town of Thompson Springs, Utah

Thompson Springs, also known as Thompson, is a small census-designated place located in central Grand County, Utah, United States․ With a population of 39 residents according to the 2010 census, Thompson Springs is situated just north of the east-west highway route shared by Interstate 70, U․S․ Route 6, and U․S․ Route 50, between Crescent Junction and Cisco․ The county seat, Moab, is approximately 37 miles (60 km) to the south․

Thompson Springs is known for its ancient rock art and the presence of an abandoned ghost town․ Sego Canyon, just a short detour from I-70 in Utah, offers visitors the opportunity to explore this unique destination․ To reach Sego Canyon, take the Thompson Springs exit (exit 187) off I-70, drive through Thompson Springs, and then follow the dirt road for approximately 4 miles to the canyon․ Although Thompson Springs is one of the many ghost towns in the region, it has a rich history and unique features that make it worth a visit․

The town of Thompson Springs, originally known as Thompson, has had its share of ups and downs․ It was the filming location for the restaurant/bar scene in the popular film Thelma and Louise․ Additionally, in 2005, the Department of Energy announced that 11․9 million short tons of radioactive tailings in Moab would be moved, mostly by rail, and buried in Thompson Springs, resulting in a small boom for the town․

In close proximity to Thompson Springs are the ghost towns of Sego, Cisco, and Thompson Springs itself․ Sego and Thompson Springs were founded in the 1880s and were both involved in coal mining․ While the population of Sego declined during the 1930s, Thompson Springs still had about 40 residents during the 2010 U․S․ Census․ These nearby ghost towns offer a glimpse into the area’s historical past and the impact that coal mining had on the region․

Thompson Springs is reminiscent of the many small towns along Route 66 that became abandoned when the interstate replaced the highway․ Today, although the latest census still shows about 39 people living in Thompson Springs, the town is mostly abandoned, with vacant buildings serving as reminders of its once-thriving past․

Visitors to Thompson Springs can explore several attractions in the area, such as the Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, which offer fantastic views of ancient rock art․ Nearby, the Book Cliffs can be seen from the railroad tracks on Old US 50/6, providing stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape․ These natural and cultural landmarks add to the beauty and intrigue of the ghost town․

In conclusion, Thompson Springs, Utah, is a ghost town that has seen its fair share of changes throughout its history․ From its involvement in coal mining to its use as a filming location for popular movies, Thompson Springs has a unique story to tell․ Although it may be mostly abandoned today, visitors can still appreciate the beauty of its surroundings and explore the remnants of its past․