Exploring Ohio’s Fascinating Ghost Towns

Ohio is home to several fascinating ghost towns that offer a glimpse into the state’s rich history.​ These towns‚ once vibrant communities‚ were partially or entirely abandoned‚ often as a result of economic decline or tragic events such as fires or floods. Exploring these ghost towns can be a captivating and eerie experience.​ Here are some of the notable ghost towns in Ohio⁚


Moonville is one of the most famous ghost towns in Ohio.​ Established in 1856‚ this old coal mining and railroad town thrived until 1947.​ At its peak‚ around a hundred miners and their families resided in Moonville.​ Today‚ the town is abandoned‚ with only remnants of the railway and some structures remaining. Many people make a yearly pilgrimage to see the almost completed and abandoned railway.​

Findlay Ghost Town

Located in Findlay‚ Ohio‚ the Findlay Ghost Town is a unique attraction that offers a blend of haunted experiences‚ a festival venue‚ and a seasonal day trip destination.​ Originally opened as a replica of an 1880s ghost town in the 1950s‚ it has since been re-opened to the public.​ The town is perfect for those seeking an eerie and fascinating experience.​

Boston Mills (Helltown)

Boston Mills‚ also known as Helltown‚ is one of the most infamous abandoned towns in Ohio.​ Founded in 1806‚ this small village became shrouded in myths of ghosts‚ magic‚ and murder. While its spooky reputation may be exaggerated‚ the town has a mysterious atmosphere that has earned it the nickname Helltown.​ Exploring the remnants of this once-inhabited town can be quite intriguing.​

Bowsherville‚ Carpenters Mill‚ Egypt‚ Fallsville‚ and Kings Station

These forgotten towns in Ohio hold intriguing stories of the past and offer a glimpse into a bygone era.​ Bowsherville‚ Carpenters Mill‚ Egypt‚ Fallsville‚ and Kings Station were once thriving communities that have now become ghost towns. Exploring their remains allows visitors to connect with the history and culture of Ohio’s past.

Fulton County Ghost Towns

Fulton County in Ohio is home to several ghost towns‚ including Ackley Corners and Gorham Township.​ These towns were once important trading centers but eventually became abandoned.​ Exploring the remnants of these towns provides a unique opportunity to witness the impact of economic decline on local communities.​

Copes Mills (Jefferson County)

Founded due to the coal mining industry‚ Copes Mills was a town in Jefferson County. While coal mining played a significant role in Ohio’s history‚ many of the towns associated with it now lay dormant.​ Copes Mills is just one example of these strange ghost towns that potentially hold the spirits of their past residents.​

Visiting these ghost towns‚ either for historical education or the thrill of exploring abandoned spaces‚ offers a unique and often eerie experience.​ It is essential to remember to respect these sites and the history they hold‚ as they are a window into Ohio’s past.​