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Exploring Ghost Towns Near Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming is known for its wild, rugged landscapes, and its rich history of the Old West․ Tucked away in this vast and untamed land are several ghost towns, remnants of a bygone era․ One such ghost town can be found near the majestic Grand Teton National Park․

South Pass City

One of the best-preserved ghost towns in Wyoming is South Pass City․ This historic town boomed in the late 1860s, thanks to the discovery of gold․ Nestled in a protected canyon, South Pass City became one of the busiest cities in the state during its gold rush days․ Today, visitors can take a self-guided or guided tour of the Carissa Gold Mine, which played a significant role in the town’s prosperity․ The town offers a glimpse into the hardships and aspirations of the people who once lived there․

Grand Encampment

Located in the western part of Wyoming, near the border with Colorado, Grand Encampment is another fascinating ghost town․ This former mining town was once home to a bustling copper industry․ The town’s main attraction is the remains of a steam-powered tramway, which was once one of the longest in the world at 16 miles․ Despite being a ghost town, Grand Encampment still retains a few structures, making it a unique place to explore․


Bosler is another easily accessible ghost town in Wyoming․ Located near the main highway, it is a convenient stop for travelers exploring the area․ Bosler was once a major stop on the transcontinental railroad and boasted numerous houses․ Although only remnants of the town remain today, it offers an intriguing glimpse into Wyoming’s railroad history․


For those seeking a truly authentic old west experience, Superior Ghost Town is a must-visit․ In its heyday, Superior was a bustling town with a population of over 3,000, drawn by the underground coal mines․ Today, the town is home to a small community of 336 residents who keep its history alive․ Visitors can explore the abandoned buildings and imagine what life was like during the town’s heyday․


Sage, located in Lincoln County, is a ghost town that lies adjacent to the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad․ With its proximity to the railroad, Sage played an essential role in the transportation of goods and people during the early days of settlement in Wyoming․ Today, it stands as a testament to the past and offers a unique glimpse into the state’s railroad history․


Exploring the ghost towns near Grand Teton National Park is a fascinating journey back in time․ These remnants of the Old West tell stories of discovery, hardship, and resilience․ From the gold rush town of South Pass City to the copper mining town of Grand Encampment, each ghost town has its own unique story to tell․ Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, these ghost towns are sure to leave a lasting impression․