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Abandoned Towns Near Area 51: Exploring the Mysteries of Rachel, Tonopah, and Goldfield

Area 51‚ a highly classified United States Air Force facility located in Nevada‚ has been shrouded in secrecy for decades. The area is notorious for its association with UFOs‚ extraterrestrial activity‚ and government cover-ups.​ While the focus is often on the mystery of Area 51 itself‚ there are several abandoned towns in the surrounding area that have their own intriguing stories to tell.​

Rachel‚ Nevada

Rachel is a small town located about 25 miles north of Area 51. With less than 100 residents‚ it is the closest habitation to the base. The town gained fame and notoriety as the home of the Little A’Le’Inn‚ a motel and restaurant that caters to UFO enthusiasts and those interested in the mysteries surrounding Area 51.​ Despite its small size‚ Rachel has become a popular tourist destination for those wanting to catch a glimpse of the secret base.

Tonopah‚ Nevada

Tonopah is another town located near Area 51. Once a bustling mining town‚ it experienced a boom in the early 20th century due to the discovery of silver.​ However‚ when the mines dried up‚ Tonopah went into decline. Today‚ it is a ghost town with several abandoned buildings and a population of just over 2‚000.​ Despite its diminished state‚ Tonopah is still an interesting place to visit‚ especially for history buffs and urban explorers.

Goldfield‚ Nevada

Goldfield is another abandoned town near Area 51 that was once a thriving gold mining community.​ In the early 1900s‚ it boasted a population of over 20‚000 people and was the largest city in Nevada at the time.​ However‚ when the gold ran out‚ so did the people. Today‚ Goldfield is a ghost town with less than 300 residents. The abandoned buildings and remnants of the town’s golden past make it a fascinating place to explore.​


The abandoned towns around Area 51 have a rich history and offer a unique glimpse into the past.​ Whether it’s the UFO enthusiasts flocking to Rachel‚ the ghostly remnants of Tonopah‚ or the echoes of a booming gold rush in Goldfield‚ these towns are a testament to the transient nature of human habitation.​ If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Area 51‚ take the time to explore these towns and discover the stories they have to tell.