How to Claim an Abandoned Town in Dwarf Fortress

One of the unique and challenging aspects of the game Dwarf Fortress is the ability to claim abandoned towns and make them your own․ Venturing into these abandoned settlements provides a wealth of resources, challenges, and opportunities for ambitious dwarf fortress players․

When you come across an abandoned town in Dwarf Fortress, it may seem daunting at first․ However, with the right strategy and planning, you can turn these deserted places into thriving fortresses of your own․ Here are some steps to help you claim an abandoned town successfully⁚

1․ Assessing the Situation

The first step is to carefully assess the abandoned town you wish to claim․ Look for potential dangers such as traps, hostile creatures, or hidden underground caves․ It’s crucial to identify any potential threats before proceeding․

2․ Securing the Perimeter

Once you have assessed the threats, it’s important to secure the perimeter of your new fortress-to-be․ Build walls or fences to mark your territory and keep intruders out․ This will serve as a protective barrier for your future dwarves․

3․ Clearing Out Danger

If there are any remaining threats within the abandoned town, such as savage beings or hostile wildlife, you’ll need to eliminate them or find ways to neutralize them․ Use your dwarves’ combat skills or devise traps to defend your settlement effectively․

4․ Restoring Infrastructure

Abandoned towns often have dilapidated buildings and infrastructure that needs repair․ Use your dwarves’ construction skills to fix and restore the structures within the abandoned town․ This will allow you to have a functioning and safe environment for your dwarves to inhabit․

5․ Resource Management

Abandoned towns typically have a variety of resources that you can use to your advantage․ Carefully manage these resources and think strategically about how to utilize them․ This will help you in establishing a self-sustaining and prosperous fortress․

6․ Attracting New Dwarves

As your abandoned town starts to thrive, you’ll want to attract new dwarves to join your settlement․ Continuously expand and improve your fortress to encourage new residents․ Provide amenities, such as bedrooms, dining halls, and recreational areas, to make your fortress an attractive place to live․

7․ Continual Growth and Survival

With your fortress up and running, it’s essential to continue growing and ensure the survival of your dwarves․ Plan for future expansion, manage your resources efficiently, and be prepared for any challenges that may arise․


Claiming an abandoned town in Dwarf Fortress is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor․ With careful planning, resource management, and perseverance, you can transform these derelict settlements into thriving dwarf fortresses․ So go forth, take on the challenge, and create your own unique story in the world of Dwarf Fortress!​

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