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The Haunted History of Hotel Alex Johnson

The Hotel Alex Johnson, located in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota, is known for its luxurious accommodations and world-class service.​ However, what sets this historic hotel apart is its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the state.​

A Dark Secret

Opened in the 1920s by a railroad tycoon, the Hotel Alex Johnson is said to have a dark secret lurking within its walls.​ Stories of supernatural occurrences and unexplained phenomena have been reported by guests and staff alike.​

One of the most commonly reported ghost sightings is that of the Lady in White.​ According to legend, in the 1970s, a young bride-to-be tragically committed suicide by jumping out the window of room 812. Since then, guests have reported seeing a ghostly figure dressed in a white gown roaming the halls of the hotel.

Featured on Television

The Hotel Alex Johnson’s reputation as a haunted hotel has attracted the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and investigative TV shows.​ The SyFy Channel’s hit show, Ghost Hunters, has featured the hotel in one of its episodes.​ The investigation delved into the reported hauntings and captured eerie evidence of paranormal activity.​

Guest Experiences

Guests who are intrigued by the supernatural can choose to stay in one of the hotel’s reportedly haunted rooms.​ Some have reported hearing unexplained knocking on their doors, giggling sounds in the hallways, or even seeing apparitions.​ The hotel offers a Ghost Adventure Package for those brave enough to experience a paranormal stay.​

Hotel Alex Johnson’s Haunted Reputation

The Hotel Alex Johnson has become a popular destination for thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts. Its rich history, combined with reported hauntings, adds to the allure for visitors looking for a unique and spooky experience during their stay in Rapid City.​

Historic Elegance

In addition to its haunted reputation, the Hotel Alex Johnson is known for its timeless elegance. As a member of the Curio Collection by Hilton, the hotel offers a unique blend of historic décor, enthusiastic staff, and fabulous dining options.​ It has been a preferred choice for travelers, including celebrities, dignitaries, and families, for over 75 years.​

Staying at Hotel Alex Johnson

If you dare to stay at the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, you can expect a memorable stay filled with history and a touch of the supernatural. Whether you’re searching for paranormal encounters or simply looking to experience the charm of a historic hotel, Hotel Alex Johnson is sure to leave an impression.

Address⁚ 523 6th St٫ Rapid City٫ SD 57701٫ USA

So, if you find yourself in Rapid City and have an interest in the paranormal, consider booking a room at the Hotel Alex Johnson. Just be prepared for a potentially ghostly encounter during your stay!​