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The Ghost Town Gunfight: A Quest in Fallout⁚ New Vegas

A quest in Fallout⁚ New Vegas

The Ghost Town Gunfight is a side quest available in Goodsprings, a small town in the game Fallout⁚ New Vegas.​ The quest revolves around a conflict between the townspeople and a group of Powder Gangers, led by Joe Cobb.​

How to Start the Quest

To start the Ghost Town Gunfight quest, players can either speak to Ringo, a trader who claims to be hunted by the Powder Gangers, or talk to Trudy, the bartender at the local saloon; They will learn that Goodsprings is being threatened by the Powder Gangers due to their conflict with Ringo.​

The Objective

The objective of the quest is to defend Goodsprings from the attack by the Powder Gangers.​ The player will need to gather a group of townspeople to fight against the attackers.​ The battle takes place in front of the general store.​

Choices and Consequences

During the quest, players have several choices that will affect the outcome⁚

  1. They can choose to help Ringo and defend Goodsprings, earning reputation and rewards.​
  2. They can choose to side with the Powder Gangers, which will lead to negative consequences and reputation loss with the townspeople.​


Completing the Ghost Town Gunfight quest will reward players with Bottle Caps.​ By successfully defending Goodsprings, players can also earn reputation and loot from the defeated attackers.​

It is important to note that the exact number of reputation points gained or lost for killing or attacking a Powder Ganger may vary. The quest can also result in the death of some NPCs if players do not assist them during the gunfight.

In conclusion, the Ghost Town Gunfight is an engaging quest in Fallout⁚ New Vegas that offers players the opportunity to defend Goodsprings against the Powder Gangers.​ The choices made during the quest will impact the player’s reputation and the overall outcome of the conflict.​