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The Fascinating Ghost Town of Kitsault

Deep in the remote reaches of British Columbia lies a fascinating place called Kitsault. Once a thriving mining town, it is now known as one of Canada’s most perfectly preserved ghost towns.​ Kitsault was established in the late 1970s and early 1980s and was designed to be an urban oasis in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.​ With its modern amenities and picturesque surroundings, it attracted over 1,200 residents in its heyday.​

However, Kitsault’s prosperity was short-lived.​ Just 18 months after its construction was completed in 1980, the mine that supported the town closed down. By 1983, Kitsault was completely abandoned, turning into a ghost town.​

What sets Kitsault apart from other ghost towns is its state of preservation.​ While many ghost towns become dilapidated and decayed over time, Kitsault has been diligently maintained by a succession of caretakers.​ These caretakers have mowed lawns, fixed leaky roofs, and changed light bulbs to prevent the encroaching coastal forest from reclaiming the town.

Today, Kitsault stands as a time capsule from the 1980s. Rows upon rows of immaculately kept houses, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, pubs, and theaters remain untouched and spotless.​ It is a surreal sight to behold, as if time has stood still for the past four decades.​

Visiting Kitsault is like stepping into a different era.​ The once-vibrant community, now devoid of people, exudes an eerie yet fascinating atmosphere.​ The paved streets, curbs, apartment buildings, community center, recreation center, and even the hospital still remain, waiting for the return of life that never came.​

It is worth noting that Kitsault is situated in one of the most remote areas of British Columbia, adding to its air of mystery and isolation.​ Located at the head of Alice Arm, Observatory Inlet, and at the mouth of the Kitsault River, this unincorporated settlement is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.​

Although Kitsault has captured the imagination of many who have heard of its existence, it is important to remember that this place is on private property.​ Visitors are not permitted without express permission from the landowner.​ The preservation of Kitsault is a testament to the dedication and care of those who have taken on the responsibility of maintaining its pristine condition.​

Overall, Kitsault stands as a remarkable testament to a bygone era.​ Its perfectly preserved buildings and infrastructure offer a glimpse into the past, allowing us to reflect on the transient nature of human endeavors.​ While it may be a ghost town now, Kitsault’s rich history and unique preservation make it a truly exceptional destination for those who appreciate the beauty and intrigue of abandoned places.​