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Discover the Haunting Beauty of Casper

Wyoming is home to several intriguing ghost towns that offer a glimpse into the state’s rich history and the stories of the people who once inhabited them․ One such area is Casper, a city located in central Wyoming․ In this article, we will explore the ghost towns in and around Casper, discovering their unique past and present․

Located north of Thermopolis, Gebo is an eerie ghost town with a chilling history․ Founded in 1907 as a coal mining town, Gebo boomed during the early 20th century․ However, as the coal industry declined, the population dwindled, and the town eventually became abandoned․ Today, all that remains are remnants of its coal mines, and visitors can explore the area to get a sense of the town’s past․

Sage, a ghost town located in Lincoln County, lies adjacent to the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad․ Once a thriving town, Sage’s population declined as the rail industry shifted․ Today, only remnants of the town’s 1800s wooden cabins٫ charcoal kiln ruins٫ and a cemetery can be found․ Despite its deserted appearance٫ Sage serves as a reminder of the industrious past of Wyoming․

Bosler⁚ A Quick Road Trip Stop

If you’re looking to make a quick stop during your road trip, Bosler is a ghost town easily accessible from the main highway․ As one of the many ghost towns in Wyoming, Bosler used to be a major stop on the transcontinental railroad․ The town once had numerous houses, but now it stands as a reminder of the area’s railroad history․

While not entirely abandoned like the previously mentioned ghost towns, Casper also has its own link to the past through the Ghost Town Truck Stop, located on 6680 W Yellowstone Hwy․ Operating as a functional truck stop٫ the Ghost Town Truck Stop offers a unique experience and a taste of history․ It serves as a reminder of the significant role transportation played in the development of the region․


The ghost towns in and around Casper, Wyoming, offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of the region․ From Gebo’s chilling past as a coal mining town to the remnants of Sage’s railroad heyday, these ghost towns provide a unique experience for those interested in Wyoming’s rich history․ Whether you’re exploring the abandoned buildings or enjoying a meal at the Ghost Town Truck Stop, Casper’s ghost towns are sure to leave you with a lasting impression․