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ghost town cape town

Cape Town, known for its stunning beauty and vibrant culture, is also home to several ghost towns that are steeped in intriguing history and eerie tales.​ These abandoned towns, once bustling with activity, now stand as a haunting reminder of the past.​ From ghostly apparitions to tales of mysterious occurrences, these ghost towns in Cape Town are sure to pique your curiosity and send shivers down your spine.​

Eureka City

Located in Mpumalanga, Eureka City was established in 1885 during the gold rush.​ With a population of around 3,000 people, it was a thriving community until the gold ran out.​ Today, Eureka City stands as a ghost town, its deserted streets and dilapidated buildings are a stark contrast to its former glory.​ Exploring this abandoned town gives you a glimpse into the past and the hopes and dreams of those who once called it home.​


Set on Table Mountain, the tale of the ghost of Verlatenbosch is a chilling one.​ Legend has it that a governor of Cape Town made an enemy of a citizen who sought revenge. The citizen gifted a beautiful flute to the governor’s son, but unbeknownst to them, the flute had once belonged to a leper.​ The ghost of Verlatenbosch is said to haunt the area, bringing a sense of unease to those who encounter it.​

Rondebosch Ghost House

In the leafy suburb of Rondebosch stands a three-story Edwardian dwelling that radiates an eerie aura.​ During the 1970s٫ this house served as a meeting place for a cult group involved in sinister activities.​ The house has since gained a reputation for its mysterious and dark energy.​ Its presence is a reminder of the occult and the secrets that still linger within its walls.​

Haunted Tours

For those brave enough to delve into the supernatural, there are ghost tours available in Cape Town.​ These guided tours take you to some of the most paranormally active locations in the city and share tales of strange occurrences.​ From the underground sections of old forts to haunted houses and ghostly ships, these tours provide a spine-tingling experience for believers in the supernatural.​

It’s important to remember that the stories surrounding these ghost towns are often steeped in folklore and legend.​ However, they serve as a reminder of the rich history and the mysteries that still surround Cape Town. Exploring these eerie locations allows us to connect with the past and immerse ourselves in the fascinating tales that define these ghost towns.​