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Directions to St. Elmo Ghost Town

If you are planning to visit the fascinating St.​ Elmo ghost town in Colorado, you may be wondering about the best directions to get there.​ Located in Chaffee County, St.​ Elmo is considered one of the most accessible and best-preserved ghost towns in the West. Here are some helpful directions to guide you on your journey⁚

Directions from Buena Vista

  1. Start your journey in Buena Vista, Colorado.​
  2. Take US 285 south towards Nathrop.
  3. Continue on US 285 until you reach Nathrop.​
  4. In Nathrop, turn onto County Road 162 heading west.​
  5. Follow County Road 162 for approximately 16 miles.​
  6. You will reach St.​ Elmo ghost town.​

These directions will lead you to St. Elmo from Buena Vista, providing a scenic and enjoyable drive to the ghost town.​

Directions from Mt.​ Princeton Hot Springs

  1. If you are coming from Mt.​ Princeton Hot Springs, start by heading west on County Road 162.​
  2. Continue on County Road 162 for about 12 miles.​
  3. After approximately 12 miles, you will arrive at St.​ Elmo ghost town.​

This route is convenient for those already staying or visiting Mt.​ Princeton Hot Springs, offering a relatively short drive to reach St.​ Elmo.​

Tips for Visiting St.​ Elmo Ghost Town

  • The road to St.​ Elmo is mostly paved, making it accessible for most vehicles.​
  • While the road conditions are generally good, there may be sections of dirt road as well.​
  • It is recommended to drive cautiously and be prepared for possible changes in weather conditions.​
  • Once you arrive at St.​ Elmo ghost town, you can explore the well-preserved buildings, old mining roads, and even go fishing in nearby Chalk Creek.​
  • Remember to respect the historic nature of the town and leave everything as you found it.

Visiting St.​ Elmo ghost town is a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the history and charm of a bygone era.​ Follow these directions and enjoy your journey to this remarkable destination.