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ghost town at sundown

Ghost Town at Sundown

Ghost Town at Sundown is the 10th book in the popular Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne.​ This adventure-filled chapter book takes young readers on a time-travel journey to the Wild West.​ The story revolves around Jack and Annie, the main protagonists of the series, as they are transported back in time to a ghost town.​

The book begins with Jack and Annie stepping into their magical treehouse and finding themselves in the Old West.​ They are curious about what awaits them in the deserted town of Rattlesnake Flats and are excited to explore the mysteries of the past.​ However, their peaceful exploration turns into a thrilling adventure as they encounter horse thieves, a lost colt, rattlesnakes, and even a cowboy named Slim.

As Jack and Annie explore the ghost town, they also come across a riddle that needs to be solved.​ They realize that they must find the answer to the riddle in order to move forward and continue their quest. Along the way, they face challenges and obstacles but learn valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, and problem-solving.

This book is an exciting and engaging read for children, especially for those who have an interest in history and adventure.​ It combines elements of historical fiction and fantasy to transport readers to a time long gone.​ Osborne’s writing style is captivating and keeps young readers enthralled with every page.​

Ghost Town at Sundown is not only entertaining but also educational.​ It introduces children to important historical events and provides insights into life in the Old West.​ It encourages imagination and curiosity while teaching them about different time periods.​

The Magic Tree House series, including Ghost Town at Sundown, has been praised for its ability to engage reluctant readers and foster a love for reading.​ The books are written with a reading level suitable for children aged 5 to 8 years old.​ They offer manageable chapters, interesting characters, and engaging storylines that make them accessible and enjoyable for young readers.​

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that combines history and fantasy, Ghost Town at Sundown is a wonderful choice.​ Join Jack and Annie as they unravel the mysteries of the Old West and embark on an unforgettable journey in search of the next Tree House Riddle!​