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Exploring Bear River City: A Journey into Wyoming’s Ghost Town

Bear River City, Wyoming is a ghost town that got its start in 1867 as a rapidly thrown together railroad town; Located about ten miles south of Evanston, Wyoming, Bear River City was established in anticipation of the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad through the territory.​ However, the town was short-lived and eventually became deserted.​

Initially, Bear River City experienced a rapid influx of people as the railroaders and first settlers migrated to the town.​ By the time the first track was built four months later, approximately 4,000 people had already settled in Bear River City. The town was a bustling hub of activity during its early days.

However, as the gold mines in the area closed, Bear River City’s fate was sealed.​ The town gradually declined and eventually became a ghost town.​ Today, all that remains are the remnants of what was once a thriving community.

If you are interested in visiting Bear River City, keep in mind that it is now an abandoned site.​ Exploring ghost towns can be an intriguing and sometimes haunting experience, as you try to imagine what life was like when the town was bustling and everything was brand-new.​

When visiting a ghost town, it’s important to be respectful of the site and its history.​ Here are a few tips to keep in mind⁚

  1. Observe any posted rules or regulations for the ghost town.​
  2. Leave artifacts and historical items where you find them.​ Taking items from a ghost town is not only disrespectful but also illegal in many cases.​
  3. Take only pictures and memories.​ Leave the site as you found it for future visitors to enjoy.
  4. Do not enter any buildings or structures that may be unsafe.​ Ghost towns can deteriorate over time, and it’s important to prioritize your safety.
  5. Learn about the history of the ghost town before your visit.​ Understanding the context can enhance your experience and appreciation for the site.​

Visiting a ghost town like Bear River City can transport you back in time and provide a glimpse into the past. Take the opportunity to explore and appreciate the history that these abandoned towns hold.

Remember to always respect the site and leave only footprints behind.​