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burke lake park ghost town

Are you a fan of historical sites and eerie tales?​ If so‚ then you must visit the ghost town of Burke Lake Park.​ This abandoned mining town‚ located just seven miles from historic Wallace in Idaho‚ is steeped in history and mystery.​ Here‚ you can explore the decaying remnants of the once-thriving community that was built to house the miners of several prominent mines in the area.​

The History of Burke

Burke was a bustling mining town in the early 20th century‚ housing the workers of the Hecla‚ Hercules‚ Tiger-Poorman‚ and Bunker Hill mines.​ However‚ like many mining towns of that era‚ Burke began to decline as the mines started to shut down.​ The population dwindled over the years until the town was officially abandoned in 1991.​

Exploring the Ghost Town

Today‚ the ruins of Burke stand as a hauntingly beautiful reminder of its past.​ The decaying buildings still stand tall‚ providing a glimpse into the town’s former glory.​ As you wander through the narrow streets and railroad tracks that once served as the main thoroughfare‚ you can’t help but feel the eerie presence of the past.​

Visiting Burke Lake Park

To experience the ghost town of Burke‚ make your way to Burke Lake Park. The park has embraced the town’s history and transformed its activity area into a friendly ghost town. Each year‚ during the Halloween season‚ the park hosts the Ghost Town event‚ where visitors can enjoy family-friendly spooky fun.

What to Expect at Ghost Town Event

During the Ghost Town event‚ the park offers various activities and attractions for all ages.​ You can enjoy Goblin Golf‚ pumpkin painting‚ a bounce house‚ a trick-or-treat house‚ and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the spooky carousel and the Frogwarts Express train. The park is beautifully decorated with cobwebs‚ pumpkins‚ hay bales‚ and costumed characters‚ creating a festive and eerie atmosphere.​

Plan Your Visit

The Ghost Town event at Burke Lake Park usually takes place over a weekend in October.​ It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance‚ as the event tends to sell out quickly. Online tickets are available‚ and day-of tickets can be purchased at the park.​ Remember to wear your best costume and prepare for a day of fun and spooky adventures!​

So‚ are you ready to immerse yourself in the history and charm of the ghost town of Burke Lake Park?​ Don’t miss the chance to explore this hauntingly beautiful and intriguing place.​ Whether you’re a history enthusiast‚ a fan of ghost stories‚ or simply looking for a unique experience‚ Burke Lake Park’s ghost town is sure to captivate your imagination.