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Exploring the Ghost Town of Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon in Nevada is a fascinating ghost town with a rich history of mining and lawlessness.​ Situated in southern Clark County, Eldorado Canyon was home to one of the first major gold strikes in Nevada, making it one of the biggest mining booms in the state’s history.​

History of Eldorado Canyon

The area originally known as Nelson was called Eldorado in 1775 by the Spaniards who discovered gold here.​ The town gained a reputation for lawlessness and villainy, as disputes over mine ownership and labor hours often turned violent.​ Today, Nelson is all but a ghost town with only about twenty residents and a few weathered sheds marking its past.​

Things to Do in Eldorado Canyon

Despite its reduced population, Eldorado Canyon remains a popular destination for visitors due to its historic significance and unique charm.​ Here are some activities you can do when exploring the area⁚

  1. Visit the Techatticup Mine⁚ The Techatticup Mine is the oldest, richest, and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. Take a guided tour of the mine to learn about its history and see the unique rock formations.​
  2. Explore the Ghost Town⁚ Wander through the remnants of the Eldorado City, experiencing the nostalgia of a once-thriving mining camp.​ You’ll find old buildings, mine shafts, and artifacts that offer a glimpse into the past.​
  3. Take Scenic Photographs⁚ Eldorado Canyon provides stunning scenery with its rugged canyon walls, lush pine forests, and picturesque trails.​ Capture the beauty of the ghost town and its surroundings through photography.​
  4. Go Hiking or Rock Climbing⁚ Eldorado Canyon State Park, located nearby, offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.​ Embark on a hike or try rock climbing on the canyon walls for a thrilling adventure.​
  5. Experience a Wedding or Event⁚ Eldorado Canyon’s unique setting makes it a popular location for weddings and special events. Enjoy a picturesque and memorable celebration in this historic ghost town.

How to Get to Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon is located approximately 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.​ Follow State Highway 93 south from Las Vegas, then turn west onto Colorado 170.​ Continue for about three miles until you reach the town of Eldorado Springs.​


Eldorado Canyon is a captivating ghost town in Nevada with a storied history.​ Whether you’re interested in mining heritage, outdoor activities, or simply exploring a unique destination, Eldorado Canyon offers something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the past and enjoy the picturesque beauty of this hidden gem.​