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The Haunting Atmosphere of Ghost Towns and Ghost Cities in Media

of Silent Hill in the Silent Hill video game series and its film adaptations.​ The town is deserted and shrouded in darkness‚ creating a haunting and eerie atmosphere that adds to the horror elements of the story.​

Another example of the Ghost Town trope is found in the movie ″The Hills Have Eyes″ directed by Wes Craven.​ The protagonists stumble upon an abandoned town in the middle of the desert‚ inhabited by mutated and cannibalistic beings.​ The emptiness and desolation of the town serve as a stark contrast to the brutal and gruesome events that unfold.​

The Ghost Town trope is effective in creating feelings of isolation and a sense of unknown danger. The absence of people amplifies the tension and makes the characters vulnerable to the supernatural or malevolent forces that may lurk within.​

The concept of a Ghost City is similar to a Ghost Town but on a larger scale. It refers to an entire city or urban area that has been abandoned or left uninhabited.​ This can be due to natural disasters‚ economic decline‚ or other catastrophic events.​ The visual of an empty cityscape with crumbling buildings and overgrown vegetation evokes a feeling of post-apocalyptic desolation.​

One iconic example of the Ghost City trope is the film ″I Am Legend″ starring Will Smith.​ The story is set in a post-apocalyptic New York City‚ where a virus has turned most of humanity into vampire-like creatures.​ The empty streets and grand buildings create a haunting and melancholic atmosphere as the protagonist navigates the deserted city in search of a cure.

Overall‚ the deserted town tropes‚ such as the Ghost Town and Ghost City‚ have been used in various forms of media to create a sense of unease‚ isolation‚ and impending danger. These settings add depth and atmosphere to horror‚ post-apocalyptic‚ or suspenseful stories.​ Through the absence of human presence‚ these tropes evoke feelings of fear‚ curiosity‚ and anticipation as the characters explore the mysteries and horrors that lie within the deserted towns.​